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Specialized consulting for in Route To Market approach.
Special consulting for:
- concept within the company (“in house concept”);
- concept of external supervision (monitoring)

May 5th 2011

AMBB is pre-qualified to provide the
following advisory services to
BAS Programme Serbia beneficiary
List of qualifications
• Reorganisation/Restructuring
• Feasibility Studies
• Development Planning
• Market Analysis & Planning
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AMBBCC ltd. consulting agency official presentation. Our consulting is based on practice in the industries of consumer goods (FMCG Companies).
What’s Route-To-Market ?
In short definition, we can define “ideal RTM system” in FMCG Company is:
• reach all set targets
• optimize sales per outlet
• right customer offering
• be cost efficient
• provide adequate market control
Consulting is not based on theories and theoretical presentations without any facts. Goal / focus is what works on the existing market.