Thinking / analysis, said in today's world, that no leading companies in a segment cannot be imagined without a developed its own model of RTM. So that our consulting in sales (sales department) is based precisely on the concept of RTM.
RTM model is very difficult to define or translate words of 2-3, but a basic explanation can be said path / way / approach in which some companies from different segments want to perform on the market, to capture the market if at the beginning, if developing the way he wants to improve his position, and if a big company as well as how to be a leader in the design of its core business.
The shortest definition of RTM for the FMCG company may say that RTM is the ideal model:

-Achievement of goals
-Optimization of sales in the market (objective)
-The best possible offer for the customers / consumers
-Efficiency and control costs
-Providing control of the market in its segment

Of course, it should be underlined and in particular point out that RTM is not only a concept model based on the sale or commercial sector (department) or only to people working in the retail sector (department), RTM also applies to all other sectors (department) that are associated with the sale and particularly to point out logistics, marketing and of course finance sector (department).
Selecting or choosing AMBB RTM you’ll (client) get team of experts with experience in different consumer goods industries, the team dedicated to achieving the joint better results, as well as completely new concept guaranteed success.
We wish to name just a few RTM services in the following industries:

1. RTM model in beverage segment
2. RTM model in water segment
3. RTM model in dairy branch
4. RTM model in the segment of different categories of dairy products.

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Sales consulting is based on a new type of consulting RTM, which is generally accepted throughout the world, especially in the area of consumer goods. When we say in sales consulting and RTM consulting cannot be imagined without the other two segments of logistics (distribution) and marketing.