Logistic / Distribution

Today in all the major companies the entire operation process cannot be imagined without sector logistics / distribution, or how the word is used more and more supply chain management. It takes more to emphasize that the first link in the RTM model supply chain. Logistics / distribution of products includes all the moving course of its production, transport to market (customers) and finally to end consumers.

Main (key) components of these types of consultants are:
- Organization and accountability in the sector
- Inventory management (raw materials / finished products)
- System of information / analysis (software)

- Species distribution:
a) Direct
b) Indirectly

- Development of distribution network:
a) Distribution centers
b) Buyers
c) Suppliers
d) Consumers

1. Logistic
• stocks management
• information system / software
• products / stocks handling
• products shelf life

2. Distribution
• develop distribution network
• type of distribution (direct / indirect)
• frequency of service / deliveries

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Logistics in the true sense of the word is the entire process of planning, control and record the supply of products from point A to point B, as well as transportation organization, maintenance and work the entire route to the final point B. AMBB consulting helps you in the above-mentioned processes.