Business plan

This type of consulting based / dedicated to all categories of enterprise / company. In fact the main idea is to analyze the existing situation with a client, then a guide, where the course by developing a business plan to be involved client throughout the entire process of drafting a business plan. This consulting includes the preparation and drafting a business plan from the beginning, from writing a business plan, sales, and finance and logistics segments of the business plan and so on. Through this kind of consulting you get a check (even one) of your existing business, the current positive and negative side of your business, corrective measures that you can use, as well as to fix / realize all the possible risks of external / internal to your business. Drafting of business plan need to be done for the following reasons:

a) If there is new business idea to perform careful analysis of the same.

b) Business plan is a kind of study that helps the founder, the shareholders and of course management and outside investors when making important strategic decisions as to which direction should go to further development of enterprises, companies.

c) Especially the development of business plans required for new investments / investment / creation of new companies (especially small and medium) / restructuring of existing organizations and so on.

d) Most common drafting of business plan is happening when a particular business entity wants to take a certain step of the present volume of business and to promote the planned period.

It should be particularly noted that the development of a business plan is for a period of at least one year, and often for long periods of time, five and seven years.

Each business plan in the design “must” contain:

a) Basic information about the company
b) Current situation / condition and analysis of the same
c) Sales plan / goods or services / or products
d) Marketing plan
e) Production / logistic plan
f) Financial plan / economic – financial analysis
d) Measures of protection

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