The entire providing consulting services segment, we believe that the financial consulting financial consulting i.e. occupies a special place in the organization of the business. In fact, this kind of consulting services provides you with relevant / valid information on the business customer (enterprise), shows the relevance of its business, achieving results at the different time periods, as well as one of the most important items (segment) AMBB consulting services: monitoring, analyzing business results, as propose valid, generally acceptable solutions in order to improve the clients business. Selecting AMBB team and approach, you receive the following services:

Accounting services
  • The preparation of financial statements,
  • Payrolls and records of employees,
  • Preparation of normative acts in the field of accounting,
  • Upon request
Tax services
  • Tax reports & balance sheets,
  • Preparation & submission of tax returns and forms,
  • Tax advice & opinions,
  • Tax planning
Financial services
  • Valuation of capital & property,
  • Business plans (annual),
  • Advisory opinions,
  • Upon request
Other services
  • Internal audit,
  • Recruiting services
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Financial consulting is one of the most important steps in the overall business through the consulting AMBB team provides overall management, reading, analyzing and monitoring business performance.