In addition to already mentioned RTM model, it is certain that within each RTM model must be found and an appropriate marketing plan and marketing strategy. We deeply believe that marketing is not just as someone say "the cost to the company", we believe that every carefully chosen marketing plan may more contribute than to damage and therefore in any case cannot be said cost.
We believe that with our team of experts to develop appropriate marketing plan in accordance with the RTM model, and in accordance with the overall business plan in various sectors / segments.
Consulting in marketing refers to two fields:

1. Consumer marketing
2. Trade marketing

1. Consumer marketing
• thinking and research in marketing plan
• approaching consumer behavior
• understanding consumer behavior
• clear concept & ideas
• ATL promotions
• chance to keep consumer satisfied
• practical case studies – examples

2. Trade marketing
• finding out what customer wants
• discovering customer demands
• monitor merchandising support in retail stores
• product development & sales stimulation
• BTL promotions

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When we say AMBB consulting in marketing, we want first to emphasize that it is based on strategy or better to say marketing strategy (program), especially made for a particular client.